VIS A VIS WHTT Replay: Among Leaders with Marisol Turró

Vis a Vis

Marisol Turró doesn’t need much introduction. Hospitality professional for 45 years, entrepreneur, founder and until recently President of SERCOTEL HOTEL GROUP, one of the largest hotel asset management groups in Spain.

From the Barcelona Chapter we want to invite you to discover our new series of episodes in Spanish. Every Monday on “Monday’s in Spanish” we talk to professionals of different profiles and backgrounds to share life lessons and learnings.

On Monday, November 2, we premiered the series VIS A VIS WHTT: Among Leaders with Marisol Turró.

Watch the episode replay:

Vis a Vis WHTT is a one-to-one format series where a guest shares their life in a personal and human tone, from experience, to help people connect more with themselves and empower their personal brand to day to day challenges.

Here is a summary of the teachings, experience and passionate professional life of Marisol Turró, a pioneer woman in the hotel industry in Spain.

  • “The most important thing is the people. Trust in the team and that the team is involved in the projects and the company.”
  • “I have never considered myself very important, I consider myself a person who is passionate about my profession”
  • “I have always liked working, I have had more fun than I have worked most of my career.”
  • “16 years ago I realized that I had passed the stage of having children because of my age, and I thought that it was not possible with me, so I chose to adopt. I have 2 children, a 23-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son, both very important in my life.”
  • “To consider yourself full in life, the emotional part is extremely important. Knowing how to surround yourself with great teams is the key. I would not be here if during these 45 years I had not been accompanied by my teams. “
  • “If you want to be entrepreneurs, I recommend above all to be accompanied by great people.”
  • “Combining professional and personal life is achieved through turning your clients into friends, closeness and naturalness with people is essential.”
  • “If you work for someone else, get involved in the company as if it were yours.”
  • “If at a certain moment you don’t feel happy, change. In this world we have become happy. Something you don’t like is not worth working on. Although now we do not have it so easy, think about seeking happiness through work, personal life and anything else.”
  • “Unfortunately, being a woman at a certain time before asked for more than a man. However, I think we are the same. They have some advantages and we have others, and we can both develop them and carry out whatever we want to achieve ”.

We hope that these little notes serve as inspiration and motivation to break any glass ceiling that comes your way.

From the BCN Chapter we will continue bringing more content every Monday.

Until next Monday’s in Spanish family!

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