Summary: Masterclass with Vickie Miller

MASTERCLASS: Creating successful customer onboarding processes

From the hand of Vickie Miller, a woman who from the very beginning has been focused on social relationships and hospitality software experience, working for important companies such as: GoConcierge, ALICE and currently at Alliants.

She presents us this online masterclass which, under her own experience, she gives us the keys to be able to: Build a consolidated relationship between the client and us, get to know them in depth, a few fundamental tools of the trade and followed by more points…

As we mentioned previously, establishing a good relationship with our clients will be the basis for achieving growth in the company and that is that we, the trainers, are the bridge between the clients and the company, the “only face” that has this outward door. Therefore, it is essential to create a good image for them and project all our passion to them, since it is contagious.

Another aspect to take into account and that from my point of view is the key to success, is to conform to each of the people we are dealing with. Offer them an almost personalized attention. Since nobody is the same and far from looking for the same. We have to prepare ourselves to train different types of audience, providing them with all kinds of ways to learn. The instructor recommends using VARK (Visual Audio Reading / Writing Kinesthetic), which are some of the different ways of transmitting a teaching.

And as is obvious, we cannot guarantee 100% that even doing all this there will be a positive repercussion, so that the attitude you face towards possible complications will be your best ally and will define how high you really are. In the event that, for example, some of the people to whom you are making the talk do not just care about what you are explaining, do not give up, if not, propose a round of questions or better yet, in a way more direct to ask them questions in order to achieve greater interaction.

We always have to take these moments as good things and understand that it is from mistakes that growth is most achieved. We have to be open to criticism! Since it is the fastest way to learn and improve.

Undoubtedly, the story of this workshop will touch more than one of us closely, since working and training people is always a challenge, but what better way than to be brave and enter the adventure that this entails and thus improve our way to do it.

To see the full masterclass click here.

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