Social Media Marketing Communication & Travel Blogging during crisis and beyond (Video)


Author: Romain Baron, CMO

It’s hard to stay positive because lot of businesses are switching off lights and letting people go, both small and big brands are affected in this start of 2020.

But like farmer using “prescribed burns” on their fields to improve the health of the field. A new generation of travel startups, hotel marketeers, general manager or revenue manager will appear and make the industry stronger.

Something else very positive. We can finally talk about “Fake marketeers” who are now put on the spot light and cannot hide!

Fake marketeer loves spending time talking about 30 years long massive strategy planning, alway very corporate and brand guidelines gate-keepers, produce complex presentations and spreadsheets, refer to untested ideas or over complicated business methodologies and they are the ones who won’t help brands quickly produce content and shift the brand approach during this crisis.

95% of social media content from brands are flat, soulless and are basically monologues. Done by some marketers who just wanted to tick pseudo job done box who also happened to be managed by non-risk taker, driven by career promotion, salary increase and internal politics fights preferences.

Real marketeers are now here to shine and be heard. Who are they?

They are no ones able to boost brand awareness and engagement during this iris. They are the ones behind and in front of the camera right now, on the mic and get their hands dirty using real design and marketing tools.

It’s time for general managers and director to identify them and empower them.

Here are my 5 recommendations for your content marketing!

  1. Good idea does not always make sense. Produce, test and learn and not think, think, ask permission, thing then try.
  2. Take action and real action! A stay at home social badge does not make your brand mother Theresa.
  3. Professional content is dead. Language has shifted from corporate to casual.
  4. Create platform for participation
  5. Look for long form distraction.”

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