Tips for Personal Branding and Job Search Strategy on Linkedin

On 23rd March WeRaizUP UK&I team welcomed Wayne Hope from New Hope Career Academy to facilitate a workshop on Personal Branding and Job Search Strategy.

Personal Branding came up on our member survey as a key skill that most of you in the community wanted to increase your competency of and a key topic for anyone who would like to be current now, when online presence is the only way of networking and connecting with people both personally and professionally.

LinkedIn, being the most important professional social media was the main focus of the workshop, as a good profile and continuous interaction on the platform is the basis of successful personal branding, and when you are searching for your new venture.

We learned that you shall start with optimising your profile, and Wayne shared interesting insights into the algorithms you need to be mindful of when working on your updates starting from your profile image to your banner, key words and much more.

Here are some practical tips:

  1. Headshot – A professional image with a natural background goes a long way.
  2. An eye-catching Banner can easily be created with a free software, called Canva.
  3. Your Headline is the most important part of your profile. Use multiple key words, job titles and sectors to enable searches and bots to pick up on those. For example: “Sales Director | Commercial Director| Business Development | Travel | Hospitality | Helping businesses gain more clients and generate more sales”
  1. In About section focus on: What do you do? Who do you help? How do you do it?
  2. Your Experience should include your last 3 roles in details and remember here to use key words too in order to enable searches and bots.
  3. Featured should show off your best achievement.
  4. Ask for Recommendations, your peers and managers opinion are powerful.
  5. Other is the place for your endorsements, accomplishments, interests.
  6. Most importantly add Call to Action content anywhere you can, as it prompts interaction.
  7. CONTENT is KING: Share with your connections who you are and what you do. Make sure you add call to action to your posts, so that you get comments, which help with your visibility.
  8. Hashtags: 3 is the magic number.
  9. Groups: Be active, join discussion and start your own.
  10. Networking: People hire candidates they know or trust. If you are not doing it somebody else is.

Wayne’s top tips are the following:

  1. Connect with new people every day with main focus being your target audience.
  2. Engage with your target audience every day. Add value, share your knowledge and expertise where possible.
  3. Post content consistently. Show people the person behind the profile.
  4. Activity and consistency are key.

In addition, our key take-away was the topic of the much-feared VIDEO: Do we have to use videos as part of our content or job application strategy? Although many of us do not feel comfortable recording videos, it is proven to enhance your chances to be seen and to be contacted about an interview, consulting, or being acknowledged as an expert. Keep practicing, you can re-record them as many times as you want until you get more comfortable with the camera.

Get out of your comfort zone and you will evolve both personally and professionally. Remember, no one is confident about public speaking, so do not assume that anyone is at ease even when talking in front of a small audience. Overcoming fear in any aspect of life helps you to improve as a person.

Good luck with challenging yourself and growing your brand. Step up your networking by becoming a member on WeRaizUp and by joining the UK&I chapter.

Erika and Glenda

Connect with Wayne on Linkedin for a free discovery call.

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