Our First UK & Ireland Meet and Greet

Last week, we were very excited to meet some of the WeRaizUp (formerly known as WHTT) UK & Ireland followers and members via a friendly and intimate Zoom call. 

Following the UK & Ireland survey that we launched with the end of last year in order to better understand what content you would like to see, sharing the results opened a relaxed conversation about what our members hope to read about and wish to learn through our community and specifically from the UK & Ireland Chapter.  It has been a very insightful opening to our very first meet up.

As the conversation moved from discussing survey results to personal experiences shared during the pandemic, there was a common sense of and need for self-development and meaningful connections via webinars, networking opportunities (virtual for the time being) or by simply consuming engaging content on how fellow members in our vast industry work, live and get inspired. The lockdown has certainly created a heightened awareness for intellectual connection and we found out that many in the call very much enjoyed Clubhouse for this specific reason. With COVID-19 evidently intensifying the importance of all things social media, digital marketing and online presence for companies and self-starters alike, many members have expressed their interest into learning more about these topics and most especially do so to boost their own brands and ventures. 

Well, while an hour passed by so quickly, we already connected with each other on LinkedIn and some exchanged invites for Clubhouse. We cannot wait for an in-person meeting hopefully soon, but in the interim we will be busy creating relevant content based on all your feedback and organising more online events and another Meet & Greet session to catch up before the summer.

If you could not make it to this meeting, we would still love to see you engage with us via our NEW website: https://weraizup.com Become a member (if you have not yet done so already) for more updates, insights and networking: https://weraizup.com/membership-account/membership-checkout/

You can also reach us on our new email address: [email protected] and our LinkedIn community page will also give you the exposure to great webinars, industry-related events and thousands of passionate fellow members.

See you next time!

Erika and Glenda



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