One year of Revenue HACKS: What we’ve learned?

#RevenueHACKS show is one year old! We can’t believe how fast time flies. Released in April 2020, this show has hosted some truly amazing people, including revenue and sales managers, executive directors, founders, and other hospitality professionals. 

Revenue HACKS and its no nonsense team, headed by one and only Khristina Quigley, used the best of these challenging times by bringing people to support each other, share knowledge and experience, learn and inspire.

The goal of the show since the very beginning has been to challenge the current status quo and provide unbiased education through inclusive content. Which has been done – and much more!

Here are some facts & figures about this epic show: 

  • 42 episodes
  • 2200 minutes + recording 
  • 275 000+ views from all around the world 
  • Ranked amongst the Top 10 hospitality podcasts  
  • Countless memories and learnings

The jubilee birthday episode with Khristina Quigley, Olga Sommer, Berengere Brohan, Susanne Williams, Calvin Tilokee and other guests can be found here – check it out:

Revenue HACKS Episodes

In case you missed any, here are some of the highlighted episodes of Revenue HACKS:

👉 Find all Revenue HACKS episodes on Youtube and catch up!

Speakers Feedback & Experience

Here’s some feedback and experiences from people involved in the show, on how this annual journey has affected them.

Khristina Quigley, the main host of Revenue HACKS:

“Wow 1 year of beaming to you from our living rooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, hope you liked the subtle virtual tours of our homes! 

It’s been a year like no other for many of us, on a professional and personal level. However, we’ve totally changed how we as hospitality profs react and engage with each other. It’s no longer hiding your business or protecting yourself by not sharing your secrets. We’ve embraced the “Stop the Silos” attitude and that’s why Revenue Hacks was founded. To encourage us all to keep learning, sharing knowledge and keep at least a foot in the business, even if we were on furlough. 

I know personally, I’ve learned a lot, not just from our guests but also from the wonderful ladies and men I’ve had the pleasure to work with. The No Nonsense Crew really grew within the community and I love how each and every one of us have become friends, colleagues and a support network. 

I want to take the time to thank Rita Varga for encouraging this project, and also introducing me to amazing leaders in the world of revenue. I’ve made some amazing friends in Rita, Susanne, Olga, and Berengere and I can’t wait to finally come together in person when it’s safe and hug them! Our lives have changed so much since Feb 2020 but we have always had each other during the pandemic.

Revenue Hacks is growing with a producing team, learning hub, chat room, and a merch shop in the coming months along with sponsored partners and special partnerships. This is because of the wonderful viewers who tune in weekly. THANK YOU! You have no idea how grateful I am for the interactions, the chats, feedback and also seeing you encourage others to join our tribe!“

Rita Varga, RaizUp CEO:

“With 42 episodes behind us, we never thought that the show based on empowering and celebrating diverse voices within hospitality would last this long.

We are delighted to welcome our ever-growing audience, week by week, all around the world – and as long as you are here, we are going to be here right with you.“ 

Beatrice Cozzani, RaizUp Italy co-leader:

“Thanks to the whole the Revenue HACKS team! All the episodes were amazing, I’ve got a lot of great ideas, I learned a lot – much more than following just a single course“ 

Thomas Finn, Edwards&Finn:

“You guys have done an incredible job. It’s been a massive educational piece for me – a massive well done to all of you. It’s a brilliant community you guys have created, for learning and connecting” 

Olga Sommer, Nobu Hotel London:

“Many thanks to all the opportunities that this group opened up to all of us.“ 

Ianis Bianchi, hospitality student:

“Thank you so much for the engagement and such an interesting show. It has helped me a lot!“ 

Luca, regular Revenue HACKS viewer:

“As 2020 has been quite challenging, this show has been a huge motivation for me and it helped me to stay inspired “

We are looking forward to the following episodes, adventures and growing our community!

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