Meeting our Members: Peggy Li

Peggy Li

Meet Peggy Li, Managing Partner/ Chief Troubleshooter at sps:affinity

What are your superpowers?

I consider my biggest strength is at troubleshooting just like “Tinkerbell in Peter pan”, and superpower would be I thrive on unravelling issues, finding solutions and make things better! As per my title, when you troubleshoot you must be methodological, analytical, tactile, good at communication with high sense of empathy. Yet need to be curious and innovation to understand the situation with multiple view of the issue(s) to find the best possible solution to resolve it. As well being a mother of two, with Chinese heritage, English up-bringing and living in Dubai, the eclectic mix of culture, custom and diversity are all needing to be studied with respect and great care. To strike a balance of this all I believe take a high tension of interpersonal skills, and educating my two monkeys of these takes Saint like will power and patience.

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

One of the fundamental elements in troubleshooting is how do you simplify issues into bite-size, this is one of my ethos I always stand by. There are little things you cannot solve providing you have the tools, will and assets.

Clear head, target orientated and always listen are key! Adversity = Opportunities

sps:affinity is a boutique management consultancy dedicated to service-centric industries from Hotel, F&B, Travel & Tourism, Retail, FMCG. We are there to provide ideas and solution to resolve issues and undo blockage. Of course, plenty of fun projects along the way from concept development of Cloud kitchen brand, to project management and operation consult at UAE EXPO 2020 to country pavilions restaurants, food & beverage concessions to operation set up HR organisation.

The proudest niche we have cultivated since 2019 is our “China Focus program”, where we provide Chinese language marketing strategy management with Chinese social media management in China for brands abroad to promote their businesses to gain direct bookings, reputation management to grow the brand status. We assist businesses to have a better understanding of how best to target Chinese consumers who are the fastest & biggest growing segment of FIT to increase spend and

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Once you achieve your assignment, the sense of accomplishment is magical and words cannot describe, as well the rapport fuel my team and I to fight and get ourselves to the next level to take on new challenges.

Furthermore, seeing the team believe in their work, going out of their way and speak their mind, these all bring joy and recognition.

My Advice for Women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Be open and true to yourselves, map out your personal SWOT analysis. You need to see your worth before others do, and by knowing who you truly are, you can then find your niche. Once you find it, hold on to it, improve your skills to further excel and manifest your talent. Be patience and not afraid to get your hands dirty along the way, as these all contribute to your development. And be curious on what other similar nature industries are doing, as you will find new horizons along the way.

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