Meet Our Members: Zeynep Taskin, chapter co-leader for RaizUp UK & Ireland

Zeynep Taskin Chapter Leader UK & IE

Meet Zeynep Taskin, Growth Consultant at Favstay and chapter co-leader for RaizUp UK & Ireland.

What are your superpowers?

I can remain energetic and thrilled despite setbacks and challenges, I believe a mindset of possibility is extremely powerful and I have been reading a lot to equip myself with this approach to life and work.

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

Dealing with various stakeholders, sometimes we don’t get the responses or the attitude that we wish we had. I think it is very important not to let things get to you personally in a way that takes away your enthusiasm for the role and erodes your belief in the bigger picture.

Imagine your best hospitality / hotel experience – what does it look like?

I don’t mind how fancy or luxurious an experience can be, I love Airbnb hosts or hotels that think of small notes left in the accommodation or the staff that go the extra mile by giving local tips enthusiastically.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

I love collaborating with others and working in group settings where everyone leaves their own targets, worries and agendas aside and adopt the same mentality to get the best work done!

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Others should inspire us, not become our benchmark for success. Being young, I often fall into the trap of comparisons, only to realize later on that it is not fair to compare myself against those with so many years in any given industry. It is important to remind ourselves that every career growth journey is unique.

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