Meet our Members: Silvia Cantarella, chapter leader for WHTT Italy

Silvia Cantarella Chapter Leader Italy

Meet Silvia Cantarella – Revenue Management & Commercial strategy consultant at Revenue Acrobats and Chapter Leader for WHTT Italy.

What are your superpowers?

I am a juggler working on multiple projects simultaneously (that’s why…Acrobats!). I love doing different things and I hate the routine, being busy keeps me motivated and happy. While in the past I used to say “no, I don’t have time” or I was insecure about many things, at a certain point in my life I decided to say “yes” to every business opportunity coming to my way and this opened to an unexpected growing of connections, networking and learning.

Having a “yes, why not” attitude not only to work but also to life can be surprising, and that’s when I decided to embark on a tech startup journey, learn how to ski (somehow) and have a dog that overcomplicated (but brought joy!) to my family life!

Besides a nerd side I also have a dark side… name a horror movie and I have seen it! (can we call it a superpower?).

In my pre-hospitality life I loved dancing, I used to teach and compete. Those were probably the most carefree years of my life and it was dancing that taught me dedication and hard work.

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

They allow me to think outside the box, be curious, experiment new way of doing things, make brave decisions, take inspiration from the different experiences and connect with many amazing persons in the industry from which I always learn something new. This year was challenging for everybody, but I embarked on new projects to make the most out of the “lockdown time” and believe me, I learned more than ever before.

Imagine your best hospitality experience – what does it look like?

I love luxury hospitality; it is not a secret. That is where I come from and where I belong. I also love big cities, vibrant and live with those magnificent properties inside historical buildings. I love the attention to details, the magic of the experience it creates to the guests. So that is, a magic place making you dreams come true, where the true luxury is the experience it creates, the wow effect it can have.

Where people work together, in harmony and reach for the excellence. Where women bring that extra special to the everyday work. And where every single member of the team has a place at the table and can be free to express his/her own ideas. Where sustainability matters and innovation grow.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Well besides reaching my financial goals (better, overcome them), it is to inspire! I always loved coaching people, transfer my knowledge, and see people developing their skills. I have so many former team-mates that are now successful professionals I am so proud of! If I can have an impact on people and help them to improve on something, that is what brings me joy.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

You are stronger, braver, and smarter than you think. Don’t let unconscious bias diminish your light! Don’t stop learning and improving, education is power. Work on your weaknesses and turn them into opportunities. Step out of the comfort zone frequently. In my career, I jumped into roles and projects that were full of responsibility and scary for me at the beginning. But I did it, and so can you. I also had challenging relationships with some workmates, but that did not stop me from taking my stand even if that resulted as looking “unconventional”. The truth is, never be conventional, just be yourself.

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