Meet Our Members: Ryan Haynes

Ryan Haynes

Meet Ryan Haynes, Director I Lead Haynes MarComs

What are your superpowers?

Creative and resourceful. I continually find ways to get things done even with all the hurdles and barriers thrown in my direction – this can be put down to my tenacious personality – I believe that there’s always a way, if you believe in it enough.

How do your strength play into the work you do?

It keeps me agile and flexible to all situations, allowing me to respond to any changes in event and to find a solution. I’m not one to pause or stop, there are always ways to reinvent and that’s where the excitement comes in. This is why I enjoy my job.

Imagine your best hospitality experience – what does it look like?

I experienced one quite recently at the Moxy hotel in Frankfurt, cool, laid-back where the staff were chatty and friendly and extremely helpful. They were responsive to my needs and made the experience incredibly personal. They understood when I needed space or help – especially as I spent two full days working in their foyer. I tend to only stay in hotels when working, for leisure I love a short-stay rental – and the hosts on MisterBnB are fab, incredibly helpful when i visit different cities.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Adding value – we aim for results and go above and beyond to reach above these, but to provide additional value and be recognised for that makes me feel I am really helping to the overall success of the business. Of course, when clients tell me they are happy with the work gives a lot of joy to. I’m fortunate to work with a passionate team, so keeping them happy is important to me.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Be outspoken, women are fantastic managers and I’ve seen women achieve great things but they rarely brag about it. I’ve learnt that I need to really voice my value if I want to be heard and recognised. And it’s also about sticking to your guns and making sure you backup your points with evidence where possible.

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