Meet Our Members: Luz Alvarado

Luz Alvarado Zaiz Vice Chair EMEA- APAC

What are your superpowers?

People like me. I have always been a sociable, outgoing and empathetic person, and somehow in the personal and work environment I end up understanding people and they understand me. And thanks to that I’ve been able to succeed in many situations of all kinds throughout my working life, always putting people first.

How does your strength play into the work you do?

In my current stage as an entrepreneur in the travel tech sector, I have verified that no matter how much technology we install in our workplaces, the pillar of everything will always be people. Is useful to create great team relationships, synergies between different stakeholders, motivate people working together, empathize with the pain point of customers and users… and I could go on.

Imagine your best hospitality experience – what does it look like?

A charming rural accommodation in the middle of nature. That combines social projects, corporate welfare for their employees who are committed and eager to go to work every day, and where I can interact with many animals. It does not have to be luxury, nor exotic, just that it has enough to spend each day by myself and many activities focused on returning to the most primitive sense of our existence. Real contact, without filters, or exaggerated comforts with the natural environment. Oh, and with a lively, varied and local gastronomy.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Successfully carry out projects where different colleagues and departments collaborate. Lead, organize and fulfill the objectives of these projects. Achieve joint goals, rather than individual ones, helping the professional and personal growth of other people involved and take advantage of it to grow as well.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Being a woman is a great privilege. We are life-giving, strong by nature, a link among humanity. It is important that you believe it and start to get hold of that idea. Building a personal brand with which we feel safe and confident is the base pillar for creating our professional image. Put your person, your being first, and everything else will be easy to achieve.

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