Meet Our Members – Izabela Krzanowska

Izabela Krzanowska

Meet Izabela Krzanowska, Country Manager Italy at and Senior Hotel Community Growth Manager.

What are your superpowers?

Have the courage to be honest: i think it is not an indication of weakness, but of strength. Expressing who you are, where and how you can reach a goal is the privilege of free minds that know how to look ahead. Tenacity that is driven by my determination to achieve a goal, unwilling to give up until I do. Networking that is about sustaining connections, and building a good rapport this is why I am a big fan of long lasting business commitments and relationships only then really you can see the fruits of your work.

Where are you from?

I was born in a small village in Poland , then i moved twice since that , first to Krakow where i studied law at Jagiellonian University , then to Italy, where i discover hospitality world that become after integral part of who i am and ignited a new passion that is lasting already 16 years. I worked in the italian luxury hospitality in Sicily for 13 years, at Signum we created a fascinating story. Being able to see the hotel transforming into a great boutique home it was just an incredible journey. Then a few years ago i came back again to Cracow, I wanted to continue utilizing this rich knowledge ( maybe it is important to say that this trip was full of self-learning ) So here i am first time on the other side of the HOTEL industry.

It is also great to be an Ambassador of I Meet hotel – hoteliers community event founded by Bidroom- we are one big family.

What do you do at

I really like Bidroom business model and how it’s bringing something different than OTAs, with a fair model. I am responsible for the development of the Italian hotel market on our platform. My duties include the revision and implementation of the sales strategy for the market, building and strengthening relationships with the hoteliers, mapping potential strategic customers and partners, as well as attending professional events and trade shows, which i love to do, gives me always the opportunity get out from the office and met a new people.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

That we are the game changer. I love the words .Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big & The Results will be Big. Similarly to the hotels’ world – every day is different and brings new things. It also brings great people with this startup mindset. I am an optimist that thinks positively about the future. I see Bidroom growing its community of members. I also see hoteliers from all around the world joining a commission-free platform even in these difficult times. This is why I like working with visionaries and I really like helping them grow this business..

Why do you love hospitality?

Hospitality is all about love and respect. We are creating experiences for travelers and customers which stays with them for a few nights or a lifetime. Personally, I enjoy the adrenaline rush – the landscape changes hourly and there is no time to get bored. It’s perfect for those with a touch of ADHD (like me) or a very curious mind. You work with great people.You never know who you will meet the day after . You get to play with amazing technology. . It is a fantastic, lifelong learning experience.

My advice for women in hospitality:

Do not be afraid of new challenges or opportunities. Always leave the “cage” to celebrate your uniqueness and exceptionality. The more you believe in yourself and your own strengths, the more likely you will feel super powerful. The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. | Albert Einstein

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