Meet Our Members: Guoste Pivoraite

Guoste Pivoraite

Meet Guoste Pivoraite, Sales and Revenue Co-ordinator. She is also

  • Young hospitality industry professional with focus on Revenue Analytics and Management
  • Full-time MSc Data Science and Business Analytics student
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion Representative for Postgraduate Students in School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

My strength/skills/superpower:

I would say that one of my greatest strengths is eagerness to learn. As a young professional, I am still in a process of developing some technical skills along with leadership skills and while I do realise these are crucial to become a great leader, I have found that biggest strengths a person can have are an ambition to know more and openness to different outlooks. I absorb every piece of information around me regardless who is it coming from or whether it aligns with my own beliefs. I am constantly learning from my peers and colleagues and this way I can distinguish right from wrong, broaden my views and gain valuable insights on different subjects.

How does your strength play into the work:

While these strengths have greatly benefited and advanced my still growing career, it has also led me to working on several projects that I never thought I would have a chance to be a part of. I am very proud to be in a process of founding an initiative that focuses on empowering women in STEM related subjects as well as fighting for gender equality in education and workplace. In addition, my openness to learn new things has led me to working on a research that utilises Natural Language Processing techniques to analyse Big Data mined from Social Networks. It is aimed at assisting hospitality industry professionals in a strategic decision-making process. The research is still ongoing, and I can’t wait to contribute to the industry! These experiences, in addition to my work and full-time studies, has changed the way I see certain things and showed me that as long I am open to educate myself, new doors and opportunities may open allowing me to achieve anything I set my mind to.

Imagine your best hospitality / hotel experience – what does it look like?

The best hospitality experience would feature friendly staff that would feel free to start a conversation. And yes, I am one of those people who loves getting to know strangers! The connection that employees make with guests can leave a longer lasting memory than the actual place. While the quality of the ‘product’ is important too, I have found that even an ordinary place could leave a great impression and make your stay memorable as long as it has great staff at the heart of the business. Ideally, I would meet these great employees in a cosy, family-owned hotel somewhere Tuscany, where I could enjoy some quality rustic foods and some lovely wine from local vineyards 🙂

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Working in hospitality can be challenging at times as the work environment is usually hectic, the industry is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. Working in hospitality allows to learn new things every day and provides endless opportunities to grow as an expert in the field and that’s what truly excites me. I love intellectually stimulating tasks and I love to feel that I make a difference in what I do. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me want to do more and go above and beyond.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Have a desire for knowledge, be curious and never stop learning. In my opinion, personal and professional development is an ongoing process that helps you to become the best version of yourself at the workplace and in life. I am extremely fortunate to have great mentors at the company I work and at my place of education, who share their knowledge and this way help me to follow that very advice myself. I feel it is extremely important and hence, I would also say that it would be very beneficial to seek for a knowledgeable person at the early stages of your career who is willing to mentor and guide you as well as to share their own expertise with you.

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