Meet Our Members: Evelyn Hamilton, chapter co-leader of RaizUp Sweden

Meet Evelyn Hamilton, Global Bid & Project Manager at BCD Travel and chapter co-leader for RaizUp Sweden.

What are your superpowers?

My superpower skill is creative writing and ideation, which is balanced with a conservative side that loves to create action lists and then follow them through to the end. My collaborative powers refer to others supporting me to reach my goals. I listen to everyone’s point of view before processing my thoughts and choose a firm strategy to lead others. I can also read quickly and process information – I was able to read the last Harry Potter novel in one four-hour reading session! And I can also type as fast as I think!

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

My role as a Global Bid and Project Manager allows me to express my freedom in creative writing, to ideate strategy to win a client, and collaborate with various people – across departments, hierarchies, and time zones. I know how to guide a team towards meeting a common purpose – delivering a winning global bid response for travel management services. I continually look ahead to deadlines and use my strong project management skills allows me to work on multiple RFPs and keep calm under pressure. I can manage timelines, break down questions and deliver written copy that is easy to understand. My role is supported by many others because it takes a village to write a great RFP response!

Imagine your best hotel experience – what does it look like?

It would definitely be Marataba Safari Park, South Africa. A large canvas tent peeks through the treeline. Nearby is a wooden terrace overlooking the savannah that can only be reached by a bridge. As I sit outside on the terrace I see elephants, antelope, and giraffes all drinking from the watering hole below. The smell of jasmine mixes with the fresh forest dew after heavy rainfall, and I breathe it in while sipping on a cold glass of champagne. I feel calm, present, and alive.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Helping other people and hitting a deadline. There is no better feeling than hitting the submit button on a Friday afternoon!

Your advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech?

Be bold and courageous and accept that failure is just one part of success. Be the person that accepts challenges and is willing to work towards learning something new every day. Never compare yourself to others as you are unique . And always accept support from a diverse set of people with different thoughts and experiences. Listening, learning and evolving is part of being a great leader.

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