Meet Our Members: Dr. Reneé Minnaar

Reneé Minnaar

Destinations and Systems Trainer at andBeyond . Consultant in personal capacity at Consult Renee #consultrenee

Your strenths/skills/superpowers

What fuels me is a passion to better the future of hospitality and tourism in South Africa. What adds meaning to my career and life is to make a difference in these fields by exposing more people to the endless potential these industries hold, and to establish myself as an expert in the field of hospitality and tourism – and to hopefully leave the world a better place than I found it! I’d say a superpower of mine is my ability to see the potential for networking and relationship building in any situation regardless of cultural context (being proud of our country in this industry is universal!). I also pride myself in being kind, flexible and consistent in the work I take on, either at our tour company or when consulting.

How do your strenghts play into the work you do

My passion for education and training means that sharing knowledge and experience with others comes as second nature to me. My curiosity for learning is evident in my career and daily life – where others see problems I love to find an opportunity!

Imagine your best hospitality / hotel experience – what does it look like?

My best hospitality or hotel experience would be personalised and customised specifically to me – they’ve taken the time to research my needs and wants beyond my basic demographic. I love smaller boutique and intimate properties where I feel like I am the only person in the world, especially in nature! Guest service would be personal and generous (yet unobtrusive – a tough balance!), and all stakeholders would go the extra mile. And of course, wonderful food would complete the experience!

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Seeing team members learn a new skill or absorb new knowledge which enables them to succeed and excel at their job and their personal development goals in the industry. Seeing the measurable impact of education and training on improving someone’s life, and thus the industry as a whole – the development of one individual is the benefit of all.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Many strong women in the industry have inspired me through their leadership skills, clear communication skills (compared to male counterparts), innovation/creativity, openness to change, vision, and my advice to other women is to continue to inspire and motivate others through your actions and behavior. Change is coming and not all may be on-board (yet!), but I know the future is in women making their mark even more in this amazing industry!

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