Meet Our Members: Cristhian Osorio, RaizUp Education Chapter leader

Meet Cristhian Osorio, Senior Consultant at Morphis Consulting and RaizUp Education Chapter leader.

What are your superpowers?

  1. Problem Solver. I enjoy supporting people to work in a better way, more efficient while achieving higher results with less resources. It is a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Because there’s also a big notion that the knowledge you gained will now help you get even further than before, so there’s a bit of excitement in that too.
  2. Continuos Improvement Mindset. I believe this skills is linked to the previous one since I enjoy questioning the status quo. I think there are always ways to improve and learn from experiences not only personally but professionally. I believe in Quality and Excellence and the way to achieve it is by making constants improvements until you can reach levels close to excellence.
  3. Mulitcultural Savy. I have lived in 10 countries. I am an expert managing change and understand different mentalities and cultures. I love multicultural environments because the world is so rich due to our differences!
  4. Interpersonal Skills – By working in hospitality, traveling around the world and helping people to work better, I valued relations and see the importance of it to make things happening. It is also important to have a good supporting system to move forward.

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

As a Senior Consultant and Training in Operational Excellence I put all my skills into action. Helping people to transform organizations is our mission. I helped them by reducing barriers to perform a better job in order to offer services and products with high standards. As a consultant, I deal with different backgrounds of employees, understanding them and empathizing with their problems facilitate the communication and projects implementations. I also understand change and know that in order to improve services or products an organizational change must occurs. It is important to accompany clients during the change process to achieve the expected results.

Imagine your best hotel experience – what does it look like?

  • The best hotel experience would be a stay which
  • The flow from finding the right place to check out is seamless. Easy process
  • A hotel where recognize me as an individual and try to satisfy my specific needs
  • A place where I can feel pampered and happy
  • As stay which bring me an smile whenever I think about it. Meaning it was not a place to sleep and eat but where I EXPERIENCE something that will stay on my memories.
  • A hotel where is clean and I feel secure
  • A hotel which anticipate my needs because they know what I want and they do not try to fit all the clients in a box

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

  • The sense of accomplishment or the sense of knowing that I am helping to achieve better results
  • Interdepartmental working, I like to see points from different angles and have a wider perspective of each person on the same “problem”. It is as fun as building a puzzle!
  • Share knowledge through trainings or workshop. I enjoy when someone can learn from me and/or open their curiosity of learning
  • Having colleagues with the same goal to achieve and working together as a team
  • I also enjoy doing a job that I know is contributing to build a better society

Your advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech?

I think if they are part of this program is because they have a great power already inside. I advice to continue leaning, network with more woman who understand our needs. Build a strong support system thorough knowledge exchange, mentoring, ideas sharing, etc. Speak up, contribute and help. Advocate for women who you know and who might need help and expand the community as much as you can, the bigger the community, the better!

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