Meet our Members: Christopher Allan

Christopher Allan

Meet Christopher Allan, Producer & Host Podcast Diversitea & Principal Consultant Inclusive Recruiting

My strengths/skills/superpower:

This is a hard question as I’m not good at selling myself as a person. I’d have to say my ability to talk to anyone.  This comes in really handy in my current role. I have no issues in starting a conversation with people whether they be a CEO of a large fintech business or an old lady at the bus stop.  I think this comes from my years in retail working at all levels and provided me with confidence. I’d also say my passion is my super power. As many people know when I get started talking about Diversity and Inclusion I could be talking for hours on end!

How do your strengths play into the work you do?

when it comes to business development it gives me the confidence to pick up the phone to anyone with in a business and confidently talk about diversity and inclusion and also being able to highlight in a respectful way to a business if they are having issues in implementing D&I.

Imagine your best hospitality experience – what does it look like?

Customer service. Any hospitality experience for me has to begin with this. If a company can get this right they have me as a customer for life… that and a hot tub on the balcony facing the sea!

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

Seeing the fruits of my labour. If I’ve worked with a business or an individual in implementing aspects of D&I, whether that be setting up a resource group or changing the way they recruit. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some large businesses in helping them change policies to ensure that they can attract more candidates from under represented groups in to there business.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

Be a mentor if you can. Inspire the next generation of women in to your industry.

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