Meet Our Members: Anna Alaimo

Anna Alaimo

Meet Anna Alaimo – Sous Chef Etihad

Your strenths/skills/superpowers

My strength, well, it’s that I always try to make the things work, and almost of the time I succeed in that. I can efford the personal life and work life always with a smile even when they shows you the worst of themselves.

How do your strenghts play into the work you do?

I work in a really competitive environment where, sometimes, the male gender thinks to have the supremacy on it, but you know, when you show them that you can smile on that as well, and that you can do every time better without any fear, everything go back to the same level. Smile, whenever you can, it’s a very important key to build up your team, who will be not afraid of you, but will respect you because will recognize your strength and how much you can teach them.

Imagine your best hospitality / hotel experience – what does it look like?

My best hospitality experience, I believe it has still to come, I’d like to work where everyone is really happy to do what they’re doing, where the focus is just make memorable the experience that we’re going to provide and in the end of the day, tires but happy, cheer up like a great, wonderful family.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

My greatest joy is see the happiness, the surprise, the satisfaction on my guests, when they really enjoy the meals and the service, and, in the end of the day, sometimes, ear simple “thank you”

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech:

This is a really complicated answer, because it’s very difficult to find a general advise that fits perfectly on every woman on this big community. I just want so say that many times I eared women saying that they can’t grow up just because the manager thinks that she is not strong enough. Most of the time they’re just afraid to show up who really they are just because they grow up in the wrong environment, that make them think they are not “enough”, just because of their gender. So it’s important, that we, the ones we had the opportunity to grow up, the ones we had the opportunity to show who really we are, we need show them the way, and teach them to never feel inappropriate just because of them gender.

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