Meet our Member: Sylvie Neves

Sylvie Neves

Meet Sylvie Neves, Managing Director, Ovation Czech Republic / Managing Director mci Prague / VP Board of Directors Prague Convention Bureau.

What are your superpowers?

My mother told me once “always treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself”. This is a principle in which I strongly believe. This gave me quite a high level of empathy which sometimes may be seen as a weakness, but which in our industry has proven to be essential.

This applies internally towards my team members as well as externally to business partners and of course clients.

There are no fair relationships without a good share of respect and transparency. And I love human interactions!

Having said that I can say I am very communicative (my language skills are definitely an asset in this regard), but whereas people tell me sometimes I can speak a lot, I am also a good listener.

I was born and raised in France. My parents are Portuguese, and I established 22 years ago in the Czech Republic. A capacity of adaptation has also been crucial, as the different environments I had to integrate were very diverse (culture, language, mentality…)

Finally, as many women, I can handle several tasks and duties at the same time, without losing track of priorities.

How does your strength play into the work you do?

A combination of all the aspects described above are necessary to develop the best of human interactions whether it is to set and develop strong performant teams, understand people’s expectations/goals, develop experiences that are in line with those expectations and always go a mile beyond to bring in the long lasting element.

Imagine your best hospitality experience – what does it look like?

I must say, that in our industry we sometimes feel spoiled and can experience exceptional locations. But sometimes it can also be too much. Technology brings comfort and speed in all admin aspects, but it does not replace the human interaction. For me the most important is authenticity and smile. I am not looking for over care, but a personal attention is always appreciated.

What brings you the greatest joy at work?

See people happy enjoying themselves and knowing that I can contribute.

My advice for women in hospitality and travel-tech: Be yourself, be bold, don’t shrink your opinions, never be afraid to speak loud, support others unleashing their potential.

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