DOs and DON’Ts of Trade Fair Stands

Rita Jusztina Varga Managing Director

As the World Travel Market in London is around the corner we asked experienced trade show stand designer Dawn Sutcliffe on her insights by giving us the DOs and DON’T of a trade fair stand.


  1. Look at your stand from the perspective of your Customer. What should they immediately recognise? Establish your brand in terms of quality, price, fun, tech, global, dynamic, serious, etc.
  2. What is your message for the show? A product, service, new launch? Create some highlight areas to the edge of stand to bring people in, and promote your core products inside of the stand.
  3. What have you positioned at eye level for their attention? What have you positioned high up for long distance presence?
  4. Use your established branding from print and online and translate this into 3D. Logos, colours, Images, Films. Create your brand world for your guests to come into
  5. Use your live promotion for online content. Set up a live stream, hire a small film crew to document your show and edit into 30sec clips to push on your online channels.


  1. Go cheap. It looks so immediately. Spend your budget wisely, invest in the right things and keep the rest simple and classy
  2. Plaster all available space with images and logos. It’s a mess and your message is indiscoverable. Make a decision on what you are presenting for this show and why, and commit to it.
  3. fill your space with furniture, or leave it too bare! It should be the right balance to welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable to stay a while
  4. Print unless necessary. Not many want to carry heavy brochures around all day. Look into digital ways to distribute material. Ideally straight to their inboxes
  5. Be intimidated. If you’re unsure, ask. Double check, compare. You are completely within your right as the customer. I have seen many times contractors sensing vulnerability in female clients and try to up-sell and convince them they need something. And I find female clients feel happier to discuss details with me than male colleagues.

” I guess for fear of seeming silly. It’s your money, be sure and happy how it’s being spent Happy trade fair everyone! ”

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