Discover Hospitality with Maria Malaniia: Season 1 Wrap-Up

Raizup team wrapped up another amazing educational live series – Discover Hospitality, hosted by Maria Malaniia, hospitality graduate and Founder of Savvy Hotelier.

One season with 10 episodes of online educational events where we discussed jobs and careers in the hospitality industry, aiming to gather tourism & hospitality professionals in order to support hospitality students and recent graduates in realising their full potential in the industry before and after graduation.

In this new educational series we covered some of the hot hospitality topics through fun and insightful conversations and discussions, such as entrepreneurship, events, travels, food & beverage, and careers in hospitality and marketing.

Check out all the episodes of #DiscoverHospitality and learn something new.

Episode 1: Career Counselling & Advisory 

Career counselling and advisory from the perspective of four different universities. In this first we discussed how the universities’ approach to career guidance and how students can prepare for graduation.

Episode 2: Entrepreneurship

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry? Explore what hospitality entrepreneurship really means and discover if it’s a good fit for you.

Episode 3: Events

A career in events does not only mean being an Events Manager. Explore some career opportunities in parts of the events industry that are much less considered: sports, corporate, sales, and beyond!

Episode 4: Travel

What is the travel industry? What kind of jobs are in travel? It’s a broad topic so let’s take a closer look at what’s possible in the travel industry when it comes to building a career.

Episode 5: Wine

What does a career in wine look like? In this episode we’re uncovering opportunities and possibilities of jobs and careers within wine with a panel of wine professionals and professional enthusiasts.

Episode 6: Food & Beverage

Chatting with 4 F&B professionals that have built 4 very different careers for themselves in hospitality F&B. Learn about the many possibilities for your future.

Episode 7: Hotel Openings

Do you want to open a hotel? Find out what it means to be part of a hotel opening team and how to join one!

Episode 8: Careers in Hospitality Tech

Most people don’t choose to study hospitality management to get a job in a tech company, but can you still do hospitality in a tech company?

Let’s take a look at jobs in hospitality tech companies and how you can apply your skills there.

Episode 9: Careers in Hospitality HR

Human Resources is many things – from recruitment to admin to training. What are you interested in? The panel shares some hot tips when it comes to job applications and growing your career.

Episode 10: Careers in Marketing

Hospitality and Travel Marketing, what can you do in marketing? Do you need any additional qualifications to work in marketing? Find out what career opportunities there are and what skills you need to have.

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  1. It was a pleasure hosting these events! Learned so much from the speakers and from the process of hosting and organising these events as well!