Chapter Introduction: RaizUp Hotel Development with Nora Daur

Nora Daur is at the head of the new RaizUp Hotel Development Chapter. Get to know her better in the following blog interview, learn more about the chapter plans and how to get involved with their work.

What was your first travel job and what did it teach you?  

I started in the reception team of a 5-star city centre hotel and one of the key learning points was not to judge a book by its cover. Don’t assume anything about a person based on their attire and outward behaviour as everyone can be expansive and wear expensive clothes…

Which company in hospitality / travel tech do you admire and why?

I am impressed by all companies who dare to be innovative and come up with new concepts. Especially after the current crisis travel behaviour and expectations will have altered and we need new approaches to tourism strategies.

What’s one book/movie every tourism professional should watch/read and why? 

Even though it’s an oldie I still like the book “Hotel” by Arthur Hailey. It was compulsory reading for us in college.

Why did you become a RaizUP Chapter leader? 

I was impressed by WHTT when it started and was very excited when they transformed it into RaizUP to expand the scope of people it addressed. And to be honest, I often feel that Hotel Development is not addressed enough within the industry though it is a vital component.

What are the current hospitality and travel tech challenges in Hotel Development? How do you plan to address them? 

Most developments and projects were paused in the last year, at the same time once travel restrictions are eased there will be a huge demand surge. Those that have new and alternative offerings will be able to benefit hugely from that but getting there will be a challenge. Trying to get projects started again and to opening in a timely manner will be crucial.

There are also discussions going on about how hotel chains can better support hotel owners, questioning the traditional hotel management contracts. I think there should be open and clear discussions about how these contracts could evolve.

What are your chapter plans for 2021-2022?

As we are currently starting out I think making people aware of the chapter and to get networking going will be crucial. It would be great just to get together to catch up!

I will also try to recruit speakers from within the industry to start discussions on current developments within the industry.

How can members get involved with RaizUP Hotel Development chapter?

Please let me know if you have any specific topics you would like to address or any new concepts you would like to present to the chapter. It would be great to give a platform and introduce all the different faculties that make up hotel development from an initial idea to opening.

Connect with Nora and follow the RaizUp on LinkedIn.

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