6 ways your current job is preparing you for a job in travel and hospitality technology


A well known problem for women is that we don’t generally apply for a job unless we have 100% of the skills needed. Whereas for men this figure falls to 60%. That means changing to a new career or stepping up to a new position can be much more difficult.

Women in Hospitality / Travel Tech was founded to help women get into this industry. Our Founder, Rita, was bored of being the only woman in most rooms so she started a community to help change that.

Thinking of changing to a career in travel and hospitality tech? We’re here to tell you why you’re ready to make that jump. Even if you know very little about technology, you’re sure to have some transferable skills.

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1 – You use technology

As a user of technology you already know what works and what doesn’t. You know the pain points of most tech, you know how frustrating it can be and you know what it looks like when it is working. It’s as simple as that.

2 – Communication

Almost every job in the world requires communication skills – and especially tech. Being able to interact with the people who use your technology, the people who are building the technology, stakeholders and colleagues is incredibly important.

Chances are, you’ve sorted out an argument between colleagues, calmed an angry customer and sorted out their problem for them, or produced a report once a week and communicated the results to management. These skills can easily be transferred into a job in hospitality or travel technology.

3 – Problem solving

Technology itself is problem solving. It’s a solution to something that currently happens manually, takes too much time or can’t happen at all. Therefore, one of the most important skills for a job in travel and hospitality technology is problem solving.

Think you don’t have problem solving skills? You probably didn’t realise you’ve used them. If you’ve ever changed a template, reported a different way, changed a role to suit someone better, or done something differently to how it’s always been done – chances are, you’ve used problem solving skills.

4 – Planning and organisation

Every job requires you to be organised and plan ahead. Whether that’s simply showing up on time or managing a group of people and their schedules and timings. Most tech companies revolve around projects, so being able to manage tasks, priorities and people is a great start for a career change.

5 – Motivation

IT and technology problems can often be unexpected, especially if you’re building something new. Taking on new challenges and sticking with them until the end is a big factor within this industry. If you can bounce back from set backs and stick with a project until the end, you’ll go far in the travel and hospitality tech industry.

6 – Working with a team

As we’ve already discussed, the tech industry usually revolves around teams working together on particular projects and problems. Being able to work with other people is an important skill to have in the industry. Chances are you’ll have to work with project managers, developers, clients and other stakeholders. And chances are, you’ve already worked within a team to bring about a solution to a problem.

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